We’ve Got You ‘Covered’


At Knutsen Landscaping, we are always exploring new ways to enrich your experience working with us to achieve the property of your dreams. That’s why we are so excited to continue bringing you premier service by partnering with StruXure, as their exclusive dealer in the Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, and York area.

StruXure is one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the country. They offer a truly unique product – a pivoting, louvered-roof pergola – that can be conveniently controlled with a remote or smart phone app, and has the ability to close, slide, or pivot as you wish. Their pergolas are sure to enhance any space, both residential and commercial. StruXure also employs state-of-the-art technology such as wind, rain, and snow sensors, voice command, and home automation integration capabilities.  This is the only waterproof pergola on the market that, when closed, fully evacuates the water down through the posts or into your existing gutter system.

“Our pergolas let the light in, provide shade when you need it, and protection from the rain,” said owner Andy Knutsen. Their first installation in the Lancaster area included a fan and LED lights. That one was secured using two posts and roof mounts.  They can be tailored to fit specific designs and customized based on the desires of your outdoor living spaces.  “You can also get them free-standing,” Andy said. “It’s a pretty versatile unit.”

“The world’s smartest pergola” (as they’re called) comes in 6 colors and is suitable anywhere, from large commercial areas to small outdoor patios. It provides you with options depending on the day, whether you’re looking to catch some rays, stay in the shade or dry during a rain storm. These StruXure pergolas are the perfect addition to any backyard oasis, and are sure to make sitting outside enjoying the sunshine one of your new favorite past times.

“Together, we can help people live better, by bringing the indoors out through beautiful design and exceptional quality,” said Scott Selzer, founder and CEO of StruXture.

At Knutsen, we are always expanding the scope of our business, in order to bring you, your family, or your business the newest and most innovative services as possible. Along with StruXure, we guarantee comprehensive planning, proper installation, and better design. As always, our top priority is your satisfaction, and your confidence in a job well done.

If you’re interested in learning more about StruXure or any of the other excellent brands and services that we offer, call Knutsen Landscaping today.