A Fresh Take on Hardscapes


Property owners are always seeking ways to enhance value and curb appeal. This summer, Realtor.com has offered some suggestions to help you revamp the atmosphere of your lawn and turn it into your favorite summer hang out spot.

  1. Grass – Grass? Yes, grass! A new trend that has recently gained traction is the incorporation of grass into Grass-jointed paving paths provide visual interest and a natural, informal look to an otherwise one-dimensional walkway. Grass is a lush, fresh option to add a burst of color to your hardscapes. Knutsen Landscaping’s experts can help you design a walkway or path perfect for your site.
  2. Crushed stone – Crushed stone, or pea gravel, is a simple way to create a walkway without undergoing a large construction project. Not only is crushed stone an eco-friendly hardscape option, but it’s relatively inexpensive and simple to construct. Depending on your use, Knutsen Landscaping can help you plan the ideal situation to make use of this versatile material.
  3. Concrete pavers – Pavers come in all shapes and sizes. The methods and technology that are used in producing pavers have greatly expanded this industry.  From residential sidewalks to airport runways, there is a paver to fit most any application.  Of course, the right installation methods and base are crucial to ensure that the pavers last for many years to come.  The right installation methods can far outlast traditional asphalt or poured in place concrete!  Knutsen Landscaping’s team can use the variety of color and texture in the pavers to create a scene that is not only eye-catching, but a classy, cozy way to enhance your property.   And we can properly install your project so that it lasts for many years to come!
  4. Permeable sidewalks – One of the best aspects of permeable sidewalk material is that it allows rain to penetrate the earth through the joints, so it is the perfect material to be used for sidewalks and patios. Permeable sidewalks and patios, made from natural materials or pavers, is one of Knutsen’s freshest take on your next project!
  5. Flagstone – If you’d like your lawn to acquire elegance, all you may need is one simple ingredient. Flagstone is simple but chic, and can be specifically shaped to fulfill your walkway wishes. Flagstone laid by the experts at Knusten Landscaping is unobtrusive and versatile, and can serve as a unique compliment to your yard’s foliage.

Regardless of how you’d like to spruce up your outdoor space, there are a variety of options to choose from when considering adding hardscaping. Contact Knutsen Landscaping today to plan your hardscaped walkway, patio, or retaining wall!


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