Pools & Patios


Design-to-Build Pool Landscaping

A major feature for many outdoor areas is the swimming pool. For many, a pool is the gold-medal element of enjoying outdoor living. Options for the backyard are almost unlimited, so meet with a landscaper before a pool company. Features like lighting, stunning walkways, foliage and rocks, waterfalls, and even fire features offer options for design that can be built into the plans instead of designed as an afterthought.

A pool company can give you some options and install a perfectly serviceable pool. But if you start with a landscape designer, you can come up with a design that perfectly fits what you want on your property, and you’ll end up with an outdoor living space that is unique and unlike any other property in your area. And remember, a well-designed landscape—including a pool—can add 15 to 20 percent to the value of your property.


Poolside patio and walls. POOL PATIOS AND WALLS

The patio has long been a cornerstone of landscape design. Patios will serve to support grills, tables, chairs, and other structures to help you get the most out of your pool, in addition to providing visual interest and durable traffic space. Materials such as pavers, brick, traverine, or flagstone are the best choice for the most durable and long-lasting patio. Walls can be included for function, such as to correct elevation changes, but they are also a beautiful design element that can provide additional seating around your pool.

An elegant pavilion and sitting area. POOL PERGOLAS & PAVILIONS

The sturdy yet open look of a pergola has become a popular addition to backyard poolscapes as a great source of shade. While historically a support for greenery like vines, bougainvillea, and roses, the latest trends capitalize on pergolas and pavilions as stylish outdoor living spaces. Stained and treated Western red cedar and other woods are often used. However, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and CPVC are also popular for their durability and ease of maintenance.

A raised stone firepit. FIRE FEATURES

Increase the enjoyment of your home and property with one of the most popular outdoor features: a fire pit. With the modern convenience of a smokeless fire, you can enjoy hassle-free cooking and the unparalleled ambiance of a fire’s warm, inviting natural flames. Upgrade to gas for the convenience of a push-button ignition and enhance the look with elegant fire glass. Outdoor fireplaces can also be added to create an extra layer of visual appeal whether the fireplace is built into an outdoor structure or a stand alone fireplace is designed as the focal point of an outdoor entertaining area.