Solving the Paver Puzzle: Permeable, Pervious, and Impervious


One hot topic at local townships and municipalities lately may surprise you.  Water runoff, or excess stormwater and meltwater that flows on land, is a newly raised concern. 

16MPMKnutsenLandscaping062As a homeowner, this can affect your outdoor plans by changing regulations on what is called “impervious square footage.”  This term refers to anything water cannot drain through and must go around, such as rooftops, walkways, patios, and driveways, on a property.

One solution the experts at Knutsen Landscaping can offer to you is a permeable paver solution.  These modern products (also known as pervious pavers) are a contrast to typical pavers which are impervious, meaning water pools on them or must go around.  Permeable pavers are installed on a clean stone base, and the joints between the pavers are swept with a smaller stone aggregate to let water drain through instead of going around.  With this beautiful, functional approach, your new patio becomes a recharge bed for maintaining your green landscape instead of contributing to the overfilling of your local storm drain system.  With professional installation from our team of experts, a permeable paver solution will be beautiful and functional for years to come.