Trees Are In Season


Thinking of a adding a tree to your landscape?  Don’t wait to enjoy it!  Properly dug trees don’t take three years to achieve their beauty.  Knutsen Landscaping will bring you a properly raised young tree and get it off to a great start in its new home.


treeplantingWe will carefully select a healthy tree specimen in the ideal species for your aesthetic needs and your yard’s best health. “Retail-sized” balled and burlapped trees can take three years for a tree to recover from the shock of transplanting.   However, properly cared for and managed trees can add benefits to your yard almost right away.   By providing shade for your family, additional oxygen in the environment, a wildlife sanctuary for birds and cute creatures, and a canopy to preserve your grass, trees are an excellent outdoor investment.


Fall is a great time to plant trees, as winter is the season for crucial root growth.  While many trees are dormant above ground during the cold season, beneath the surface, their foundation is growing rapidly.