Outsmart the seasons with your louvered pergola


Summer is eagerly anticipated each year, as it’s a time for vacations, for lounging around on the side of the pool, and for slowing down the schedule to relax. However, one of the less desirable results of the arrival of summer is the heat. Just when you’re wanting to throw open the curtains to greet the long days of the season, the sunshine often has a way of streaming inside and turning your nice, cool home into an oven.

The beauty of a louvered pergola is that, through our state-of-the-art customization features, you can block direct sunlight from baking your home through the window panes, without keeping your curtains closed and without sacrificing the sunshine you’ve longed for all winter.

Simply station the pergola outside your windows and close it to block out the hottest part of the day. There’s no need to crank the AC just yet.

At Knutsen Landscaping, we are always exploring new ways to enrich your experience working with us to achieve the property of your dreams. That’s why we are so excited to continue bringing you premier service by partnering with StruXure, as their exclusive dealer in the Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, and York area.

At Knutsen, we are always expanding the scope of our business, in order to bring you, your family, or your business the newest and most innovative services as possible. Along with StruXure, we guarantee comprehensive planning, proper installation, and better design. As always, our top priority is your satisfaction, and your confidence in a job well done.

Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying the beauty and brightness of the summer! Invest in a louvered pergola to make the most of your summer and outsmart the season.