Using Color in All the Seasons


Your yard may always include a lot of green, but it doesn’t have to feel monochromatic in any season.  By arranging plants, shrubs, and outdoor accessories to best compliment each season’s natural beauty, your outdoor areas can be a stunning rainbow around the calendar.

Timing Plant Blooms

Think beyond just daffodils in the spring, peonies in the summer, and mums in the fall.  There are hundreds of choices for each season that will keep your yard colorful.  Before selecting a new plant, review its estimated bloom season and place it according to where your garden will need color in that time.  Also, look for ways that you can use pruning or other techniques to help your plants bloom at just the right time.

Rainbow Variety

Many popular plants have traditional colors, but you can offer a surprise with unique varieties.  Also, try flowers with multi-colored blooms in a group.  You can also create a three-dimensional color effect by building “tiers” with tall flowers in the back behind shorter blooms in front.