Save $250 on Your Ten-Light Landscape Illumination Package


Our solid bronze, LED fixtures are perfect to showcase the front of your home, a feature tree, and your front path.  Book your installation before December 31, 2016, and you’ll save $250 on any package of ten lights or more.  Our CAST® Classic or Craftsman Series lights include walkway and directional light options.  Call Andy at 717-872-2500 today!

kl-16-012-clipper-ad-9-30-1Many homeowners devote hours of labor and a significant financial investment to their yards.  They enjoy the daylight hours when the flowers are in full bloom, playing with kids and pets, reading, swimming, and relaxing outdoors.

But when the sun goes down, the fun and beautiful curb appeal don’t have to end!  Carefully sculpted walkways, laboriously aligned pavers, and perfectly edged beds deserve more than just daytime appeal.  With custom landscape lighting, your home and property can be dramatically inviting all evening long and in the misty early morning hours.



Learn About Landscape Lighting

imgWhat type of lighting should I choose?

While each project we work on is customized for the homeowner and property, Knutsen Landscaping is proud to use CAST Lighting.  Forged exclusively in corrosion-resistant bronze, these fixtures are hardy works of art.

Once installed outdoors, the metallic bronze darkens to an old-penny brown then eventually to a greenish/blue patina. These colors compliment the browns and greens in nature and do not distract from the natural beauty of the landscape.


What options of landscape lighting are available?
The design can be as complex or understated as a homeowner imagines!  The beams from landscape lights can be controlled with lenses and louvers that change beam spread, diffusion (the definition of the light beam’s edge), and brightness.

The position of lighting can also creatively impact the final results.  Illumination can be directed at plants, along paths, and at creative angles: up, down, or from the side.  Bounce lighting is a technique where lights are aimed at gutters, siding or trees to provide an extremely diffuse and subtle effect on garden beds.