Knutsen Landscaping Featured in Lawn and Landscape Magazine


Andy Knutsen, owner of Knutsen Landscaping, was recently interviewed for Lawn and Landscape magazine’s September 2016 feature about landscape lighting.  Andy is quoted several times, most notably with, “Landscapers have a good opportunity to artistically design a lighting job whereas an electrician isn’t really in it for the artistic flairs. You want to get lights to enhance what you have back there, but not light up the sky.”

andy-knutsenIn addition to his opinion on the importance of expert design and installation, Andy is also quoted by journalist Catherine Meany on two other subjects related to landscape lighting: customer satisfaction and brand selection.  Andy shared, “I get a lot of comments from customers that say they never really thought that much about lighting going in, but how happy they are about the lighting afterward.

Additionally, the article notes that Knutsen Landscaping prefers to use CAST Lighting products because of their quality. The fixtures are designed for llseashore climates, so they have sealed connections to prevent loose wires.  They are bronze fixtures with durable metal stakes and tin-coated wires to fend off corrosion.  Andy comments, “I walk the customer through all of that and tell them that they may pay more per light, but I also walk them through what it would cost to do it all again five years later,” he says, noting that cheaper options are more likely to wear out or break. “That seems to make sense to them to pay more upfront to have something long-lasting. With CAST fixtures, 20 years down the road you’ll have the same lights and no problem with them.”

Read the full Lawn and Landscape article here.