Recommended Indigenous Trees Feature: Hemlock


The experts at Knutsen Landscaping have compiled a list of trees indigenous to our region in Pennsylvania. Information, pictures, and recommendations for each species will be posted. Check back over the next few weeks to learn about trees we recommend for use in local landscaping!

Hemlock Tsuga canadensis

  • Has an irregular, conical shape
  • Evergreen tree—four species of hemlock native to America and six to Asia
  • Takes around 20 years for seed to develop. They are equipped with wings to allow wind to disperse them
  • Develops pinecones instead of flower
  • Black bears will sometimes use large, hollow hemlocks as shelters
  • Needles of hemlock trees contain Vitamin C and were often used to make tea by the Iroquois Indians
  • Oil extracted from hemlock needles are used in the perfume industry
  • Hemlock wood is used for many building projects
  • Native Americans used bark for weaving baskets—tannic acid extracted from the bark is used for tanning leather
  • Dyes extracted from the tree were used to color wool
  • Hemlocks can survive anywhere from 400 to 800 years in the wild!
  • State tree of PA (eastern hemlock)